Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Life Lately

Remember when I used to blog more than once in a blue moon? What on earth did I find to talk about, and how did I find the time to do it???

There's been ever such a lot going on with us, I don't even know where to start. Little dude turned 2 last month (almost 8 weeks ago now - how??) and he definitely got the memo about the Terrible Twos...! Mostly he's lovely, and he makes us laugh every single day... But he is definitely testing boundaries at the moment.

So far this summer, we're actually managing to enjoy some lovely family days out, which is new to us. Previously we've had to be cautious about going to busy places due to the risk of infection, but he's doing so much better these days that we actually can.

We have a few busy weekends in store - in fact, all of July is busy! - because we've got a couple of fundraising events to participate in. At least, the little fella is participating officially and we're along for the ride. This Sunday, he has a one mile walk to do, and the following Sunday is a 70m dash in a very famous athletics stadium that has had world records set within it and world famous athletes have competed there. We are raising money for the two hospital units that saved his life, so as you can imagine it means a great deal to us.

So, what's new with you? What have I missed??

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