Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Introducing My Beautiful Boy

If you've been following on me on Instagram over the last 14 months, then you've had a few glimpses of this handsome little chap. I thought it would be nice to introduce him properly though, and share a little bit more of what he's really like.

So... this is my gorgeous boy:

He's very cute, cheeky and mischievous. He has a thing for socks and shoes - any that he finds lying around he will pick up and hold his feet up next to them as if to say "I want to put these on". He isn't walking unassisted yet, but he has wanted to spend most of his time on his feet for months and months now. He's getting pretty confident at walking holding just one hand now. He has one tooth, and another is very nearly through.

Another favourite thing of his is balls. He has a ball pool at Grandma's house, and he thoroughly enjoys throwing the balls out of the pool and across the floor. Even better if he can get them under the sofa! He loves kicking them around too.

We can't get him to clap for anything - 14 months old and he's never clapped! - but ask him for a high five and he'll happily dish those out for ages. We haven't had any first words yet, but he is very vocal and babbles on incessantly at times. You can totally tell when he's telling you off!

Our daily "routine" is quite hard going, so we haven't been able to enjoy many days out and things like that yet. He has severe reflux, and although he's on a high dose of the big bad reflux medicine it can still be very difficult. The reflux itself isn't as prolific these days, but he can still only tolerate relatively small volumes of food and milk - which means that he needs feeding approximately every 2 hours. He also tends to have 3 naps during the day, so in between sleeping and feeds every couple of hours we don't have a lot of free time! He's the only baby I've ever known who point blank refuses to sleep in his pram, so we can't really take him out and expect him to have a nap sometime along the way. He just won't. He's way too inquisitive for that!

He loves CBeebies, and his favourite TV shows are In The Night Garden, Waybuloo, Twirlywoos and Teletubbies. The smile on his face when any of those programmes come on never fails to completely melt my heart. He also has little fixations on certain adverts, and when they come on you absolutely will not get a response out of him. His favourite at the moment seems to be any of the Gtech adverts - once Nick from Gtech starts talking, his gaze is firmly fixed on the TV until the advert is finished!

I could go on for ages about my precious boy, but I won't. I hope you've enjoyed getting to know him a little bit!

 photo 5b781646-78a7-4470-93c6-49aaf696000e_zpsc88ee6b7.png

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  1. I cannot believe how big he is getting. He's so stinkin' cute. You can tell him that I too am obsessed with socks specifically of the knee kind & when it starts to get chilly here in Wisconsin. :)


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