Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Oh, Hi!

Well now, it's been a while since I showed my face round these parts huh? Part of the reason for that being that I (doh!) forgot my password for this account. Baby brain is a real thing, and it doesn't get any better after the baby has arrived and is growing up - at least, not in my experience.

Anyway, now that I've managed to log in I thought I'd just say hello. There's probably nobody still around to read this so I'm just talking to myself... but that is kind of normal these days too. One-year-olds are not so much with the listening! Or at least, my one year old isn't. He has very selective hearing, and if he doesn't like what he's hearing he's got the whole defiance thing down to a T.

That's right, I've now got a one year old! How'd that happen, right? I wish I knew. He's actually almost 14 months old, and tomorrow will be a year since we took him home for the first time (and a year since his due date). It's been a crazy year - he had his heart surgery in February, which was a nerve wracking time, but he's come on amazingly ever since. There are no words to describe the pride I have for my amazing little superhero of a son!

And on that note, I'll say bye for now. Hopefully not for as long this time!

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  1. OH MY GOSH!!!! I was so excited to see that you posted something, I've missed you! I hope that you'll be able to post some more. I love to hear more about your babe. :)


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