Friday, 17 April 2015

Things I Love About Being Pregnant

1. I'm pregnant!
Just the simple fact of being pregnant, after over 3 and a half years of trying, and a failed IVF cycle, is something I am unbelievably grateful for. I am so, so happy that I finally get to say the words "I am pregnant" - not that I need to say it these days, the ginormobelly says it all!

2. Feeling a life growing inside me.
In the early stages, it was quite hard to believe there really was anything going on in there - I had no evidence that I could see or feel (except sickness, headaches, etc - but they could just as easily have been illness). Once I started feeling the baby's movements at 20 weeks, it all started to feel so much more real. It's impossible to describe what it's like feeling a tiny person moving around inside you; it's surreal and magical and wonderful, and feels like a special secret between me and Baby T because nobody else will ever know them the way I do.

3. My pregnant figure.
Like a lot of women, before pregnancy I had my own body image issues. I'd put on weight, I felt like I couldn't wear certain clothes, all the usual kind of things. But pregnant, I love the way I look. I love my bump. I don't feel fat or wobbly, I feel happy and confident.

4. Watching my belly move.
A few weeks after I started feeling the movements, I was able to see them. The first time, I was sitting in a team briefing at work - and believe me, I soon switched off from whatever the content of the brief was and was focused solely on watching the twitching of my belly! When baby is having a good wriggle, I can spend ages watching the movements.

5. Always having something to talk to others about.
Pregnancy seems to be a great conversation starter! At work, people who I've never really spoken to before will engage in a conversation about children and pregnancy and their own experiences. Even random strangers on the street come up to me for a chat!

6. The kindness and generosity of others.
We've been absolutely bowled over by how generous people have been towards us and Baby T. My best friend has been collecting together so much to give to us - we're talking pretty much all the big, expensive stuff; cotbed, travel cot, pram, car seat, sterilisers (plural!), bottles, clothes, highchair, blankets, toys... the list goes on. We've also had a few people asking if they can knit or crochet blankets for us - we're hardly going to decline! We're so touched by the kindness people have shown us.

7. Looking at baby things.
Who doesn't love looking at newborn baby clothes and cooing over how small they are?! Seriously, there are some adorably cute things out there. We've had a ball buying a few little outfits for Baby T, and can't wait to see the little munchkin wearing them.

8. Thinking about the future.
Although we've got lots of unknowns ahead due to baby's congenital heart defect, it's exciting to be able to think about how our lives are going to change with the arrival of this little person and the possibilities that the future holds. More than anything, I can't wait to see Boy embracing his new role as Dad.

9. Writing letters to baby.
Although I talk to baby all the time, I really love writing letters because I can share those when the baby is older - I'll never be able to replay all the chats I've had! They're a great way to make the memories last, and make me feel so much closer to the little person inside me.

10. Knowing that Boy and I have created a life together.
OK, so we may have had the help of a few doctors, nurses, an embryologist... But the fact is, this person living within me is half me, half Boy, and is a product of our love - and that thought makes my heart swell within my chest. I am so excited to see what traits of each of us our child inherits, and who they look like. I am so hoping they have daddy's temperament - he was every mother's dream, I was a nightmare!

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  1. I am still so excited and happy for you! And a little jealous, because I have been having major baby fever for the last few months. But mostly, just so happy for you that you finally got this!

  2. I can't wait to be at a point where I want to talk about my pregnancy. Right now I'm still in the sort of scared of miscarriage phase and don't want to jinx it or something..ugh! Your bump is precious!

  3. Ah this is so lovely, we conceived the month before our IVF appointment, so I know a little about why these things are wonderful for you. Thanks so much for linking up to #TheList x

  4. Wah! I am so jealous! But reading this makes me so excited myself for the future :)

  5. What a lovely list!! I especially like #9 - although my baby is here - you've definitely inspired me to write some good old fashioned letters to him. Thank you!

  6. What a lovely list!! I especially like #9 - although my baby is here - you've definitely inspired me to write some good old fashioned letters to him. Thank you!

  7. What a lovely list of things; I never got around to writing my letters, it's so wonderful that you're doing it. You couldn't get those thoughts back. Your point about watching your belly move made me smile ... o the joy of it all.

    Congratulations of being featured on #TheList


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