Monday, 20 April 2015

Things I Don't Love About Being Pregnant

Last week, I wrote a list of things I love about being pregnant. I think we all know I'm all about balance, so it's only fair that I write about the less fantastic side too.
1. Sickness
I thought the constant nausea I suffered in the first trimester was bad, and then (naively) thought that, once I passed 13 weeks, I'd gotten off quite lightly. It was a huge shock to have hyperemesis gravidarum set in at 15 weeks, and I ended up signed off work for 8 weeks, got through 3 different types of meds, narrowly escaped being admitted to hospital, and lost a shed load of weight because I couldn't eat anything. Even now, at 30 weeks, I'm only just passing my pre-pregnancy weight.

2. Finding clothes
Seriously, it's as if no woman on the earth is ever actually pregnant - why don't stores stock their maternity range?! There are very, very few that do, and if they do it's very limited. Now more than ever I'd like to be able to try before I buy, and yet it seems that every single store in the whole wide world operates a policy of only providing maternity wear that is ordered online. Not cool, shops, not cool.

3. Not sleeping
I know my body is in training for when the baby arrives, and I know it's only going to get a whole lot worse and it'll be months years before I get a decent night's sleep again, but... Man, I'm tired. Insomnia, discomfort, and the simple act of rolling over becoming like an Olympic event all contribute to the opposite of a restful night.

4. The desperate need to pee
Having a tiny person playing trampoline on your bladder is not all that much fun, believe it or not. And it's utterly ridiculous how you can answer the call of nature, only to find it calling again as little as 10 minutes later. Oh, and it doesn't accelerate at a normal level of "hmm, I could go... I will have to go to soon... Give it another few minutes... OK, I may as well go now." Oh no. We're talking 0-100 in seconds - one moment you're fine, the next "I need to go RIGHT NOW!!!!"

5. Difficulty manoeuvring around the bump
Socks. Boots. Pedicures. These are things I struggle to take care of nowadays. Boy sometimes jokes about dropping things in front of me so he can laugh as I struggle to pick them up - this is usually met with The Look. Also, someone appears to have moved my sink without my consent - when I wash up, I can no longer reach anything that's at the back.

6. Bump touchers
I've heard and read about this phenomenon many times over the last few years, but Oh. My. Goodness. I don't know you, we've never met, GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY BUMP!!!

7. Aches and pains
There are a whole lot of these that accompany a pregnancy. At the moment I'm struggling with my overstretched abdominal muscles - they burn and really limit what I can actually do. Vacuuming is not so much an activity I can undertake, unless I want to end up sobbing in pain. I know this from trying it. Also, leg cramps - especially at night - can be really painful.

8. Memory loss
Typical conversations between Boy and I will often involve me saying things like "Where did we put the doodah that we got from thingymabob? Is it with the whatsit?" I really can't remember names of things, or places, or people... Or sometimes, even what I'm talking about while I'm mid-sentence. It has also become apparent in the last couple of days that I am completely forgetting events and conversations that have taken place - at least 3 times this weekend Boy has informed me that we've already had a conversation about the thing we were currently conversing about, but I have absolutely zero memory of any of these things. I had to ask if I was actually conscious at the time.

It's not so bad though, these are (mostly) temporary and absolutely worth putting up with for a little while. I'm sure they'll be even more worthwhile once our precious little bundle arrives!

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  1. I 100% thought yesterday was the 12th when the hubby showed me his phone which clearly said the 19th...wait what??? How did I lose a whole week in my memory? lol It's crazy I tell ya!

  2. Try to go for clothes that are comfortable to wear but not maternity, like regular long tops, paired with a flowing open cardigan, leggins, maybe a pair of jeans that still fit (mine did until the very end, don't ask me why), and my all-time favorite: maxi dresses!! I managed to get through my last pregnancy with nothing but a belly band to hold up my work pants, all the rest was regular stuff.


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