Friday, 24 April 2015

Dear Baby - 30 Weeks

Dear Baby,

How is it possibly we're 3/4 of the way through this journey already?! Time is flying - you really will be here before we know it.

We're making progress - slowly - with preparations for your arrival. We've decided on a theme for the nursery, but due to the extent of work that needs doing in that room I doubt it will be finished before you arrive. That's OK though, since you'll be sleeping in our room for the first 6 months or so. There's no rush really, is there?

We had the Health Visitor come to meet us this week; she seems really lovely, and was very positive and reassuring about the cardiac team that will be looking after you. Somehow she managed to get our shortlist of names out of us - which we really haven't discussed with anyone up to now! - and she seemed to really like the name that's looking very likely to become yours. It turns out she looked after your cousin K when she was born, so she knows all of daddy's side of the family already.

Last weekend was an emotional one, for me in particular. Saturday was the anniversary of the passing of your grandad, and if that wasn't enough I also found out that Aunty Z had just lost her grandad. We've decided that April is just cursed, every year it seems that more and more sadness hits us all. We might just hibernate through April in future!

Next week, we've got a mate date with my American friend as she's started her maternity leave now. That is, unless she's done something drastic like gone into labour - entirely possible as she's now 39 weeks so it could be any day! I'm hoping we'll get to have one last catch up before her little girl arrives though. It's a scary (but lovely) thought that the next time I see her after that, she'll be a mummy to your future little friend, and I'll be on maternity leave myself eagerly awaiting your arrival!

Also next week, we've got another growth scan to look forward to. I can tell you're definitely getting really big now, so it will be nice to have an updated estimate of your weight. You should be over 3lbs by now!

Until next time, beautiful baby,

All my love, Mum xx

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  1. I was about to ask you for a baby bump picture, and here it is, how very beautiful, Jenni! Hoping for more reassuring news during the scan next week! Can't believe either that you're on the finishing stretch already!

  2. Lovely post and bump picture Jen! As if you are so far along already. Exciting about nursery plans and name shortlists, eeks! How great that you have a mat leave buddy as well. Glad things seem to be in place with baby's cardiac team and hope you are doing well x


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