Friday, 27 March 2015

Dear Baby - 26 Weeks

Dear Baby,

It's been a crazy 4 weeks since my last letter to you. So much has happened that I don't know where to start. We've had a couple more scans and you're growing amazingly well - and, even better, at the cardiology scan this week no further complications were detected which is just the best news we could have hoped for!

Your movements are getting more and more pronounced, and a couple of weeks ago they even became visible. The first time I saw my whole tummy move because of you, I was sitting in a team brief at work - it was dull, but you certainly distracted me and gave me something far more interesting to focus on! I can spend ages gazing at my tummy now, watching your kicks and rolls.

Daddy and I have been making some progress at home, preparing for your arrival. We've been spending most of our weekends trying to declutter, and rearrange the storage of, well, everything really to make better use of space and make our home more child friendly. It's turning out to be a bigger job than we expected, but we'll get there!

In exciting news, we've pretty much chosen what your name is going to be! We just need to decide whether or not to give you any middle names, we can't quite make up our minds on that yet.

Two weeks ago, Daddy and I had our 4th wedding anniversary. We'd had some devastating news the day before, so neither of us felt overly celebratory and we kept things very low key and just went out for a meal in the evening. It's strange - but good strange - to think that by the time our next wedding anniversary comes around, you'll be here and you'll be around 8 months old. I wonder how we'll celebrate our anniversaries in future?

More exciting news is that I've sorted my maternity leave - and I have only 8 weeks left in work! How fast is time passing, little one?! While it has been nice being well enough to return to work, to see and speak to other adults, and to have something to do other than watch daytime TV and feel ill, I can't deny that I am looking forward to taking a year out and being your mummy. Getting to work is starting to feel like a chore - that 20 minute walk to and from the railway station is more tiring and bump-achy every single day, and it will be nice not having to do that any more. Daddy also submitted his forms today for paternity leave, so the formalities are pretty much done!

Well Baby, it's been another long and tiring week and Mummy is shattered. Time for some sleep!

Goodnight, little one


Mummy xx

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  1. This post has such lovely news in it - I am so glad there were no further complications and that you only have 8 weeks of work left, then the fun will really begin :)

  2. What an exciting update, and what great news that there are no further complications. Only 8 weeks! I bet you are really on countdown now. And you have decided on a name how lovely!!
    I loved taking a year out for mat leave it was amazing, so much so that I ended up leaving my job after three months once I had returned after mat leave to stay at home with my daughter Boo =)

  3. I an so, so happy, dear Jenni, that the last scans have been good and your little baby is growing! I always loved to see my tummy move with the baby as well, definitely more entertaining than most other things! I feel your pain about organizing; we're still in the midst of it ourselves, but making progress in the right direction :-) Oh, the paperwork, I was almost drowning in it as well. Glad everything is figured out and you can look forward to your leave! Enjoy your pregnancy, my friend!


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