Tuesday, 3 February 2015

The Name Game

Do you know what's really frightening about the prospect of bringing a tiny human into the world? Having to choose a name for them, and knowing that they will then be pretty much stuck with it their whole life. OK, so it is possible for people to change their name and all of that, but the name you choose will go on their birth certificate and that's forever, right?

What's strange is that, having taken so long to get to the point of having created a tiny human, Baby T will absolutely, certainly have a name that wasn't high up - or perhaps even didn't even feature - on our shortlist when we first started trying. The names that were top of our lists - that, if we had a three year old child now, they would definitely be called - don't even feature on our lists now. Our tastes have changed somewhat in the last four years - or, to be more accurate, the names we loved back then were also loved by so many others; a hugely popular name isn't all that appealing to me. Especially given that the surname we're working with is one of the most common surnames in the UK, and is definitely one of the most common surnames in our village since Boy is related to half the village in one way or another!

I've got to admit that Boy and I do have somewhat differing tastes in names and look to different places for inspiration. And I have no problem telling you that some of his choices are being vetoed quicker than he can put them forward - some of his boy suggestions have included Odin, Thor, Loki, Kal-El, Bruce... Do you see a pattern? If Baby T does turn out to be a boy, I'm not sure we're quite funky or wacky enough to be able to carry off a Kryptonian or Asgardian name for our son. I am grateful to have a friend who has the same problem with her husband too, it's nice not to be alone in this!

When we do get to the stage of discussing names seriously and settling on a shorter shortlist, we've decided not to share our choices. I know of too many people who have had to put up with negativity from others about their name choices, and some even changed their minds after hearing extreme opinions from their loved ones. In my opinion, once Baby T is here and is introduced with their name, people will have to accept it. If they don't approve, tough. Baby T is our baby and we will name him or her with a name we love.

What are your thoughts on naming a baby, or even a pet? Would you share your ideas beforehand?

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  1. This is quite a tough decision. It blows my mind that people would give their negative opinion about a name you choose for your child, wow! I think I would maybe share with my immediate family but that would probably be about it.

  2. I totally agree about not sharing your fave names, although I am sooo noisy about this kind of thing, I love hearing people's name choices (I'd never share my negative opinions on them though hehe)
    Good luck!!

  3. I think Luke and your guy must be related. Luke's suggestions have been: Kal-el, Porter (if conceived in a porter loo), Jor-el so far of, and Willow...for a boy. So bad!

  4. I hear you! We didn't even think about a girls' name when we were pregnant with Lily, because we had decided on that very early on in our relationship (say: our first date). Darn, was I annoyed when I found out that all of a sudden, everyone and their brother named their girls Lily. Violet's name came to us quite easily as well, and when we were pregnant with Calvin, we even had 2 girls' names we liked (Amelia was my favorite, Cassandra hubby's). But a boy's name was a chore. Hubby shot down all my suggestions without really coming up with something himself. I was SOOOOO glad when he actually liked Calvin :-) Can't wait to find out if Baby T is a boy or a girl, and of course her/his name!

  5. It is a tough decision we had Boo's first and middle names very early on in my pregnancy and we didn't really have a short list for girls names because we had already chosen just these two names when we found out she was a girl. We had no clue for boys names, which maybe says something... did we already 'know' she was going to be a girl?!?


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