Friday, 30 January 2015

Dear Baby - 18 weeks

Dear Baby,

Can you believe we're almost half way? How crazy is that? The weeks seem to be flying by - possibly because I'm still sleeping so much and spending my days mostly in front of the TV, mostly watching Friends.

Earlier this week, I had a couple of days of feeling almost normal again, which I was so grateful for as I got to eat real food - but of course, the flip side of that was increased worry that something might have gone wrong. It's a non-stop panic-fest, this journey to motherhood. Thankfully it's not long now until we get to make sure you're doing OK in there. The sickness has kicked in full force again now though, so I'm crossing my fingers that that's a good sign. The third lot of medication I was given does seem to work better than the first two, so that's been a relief.

The countdown is on until the anomaly scan now - next week, eek! - and we can't wait to see you again. I've been putting everything off until after that, so hopefully very soon we'll start making real preparations for you.


Mum xxx

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  1. Love that your baby is the size of a sweet potato! That is so cute! This is such a lovely idea by the way.

  2. Funny, we had sweet potato fries for dinner today :-) Thinking of you next week! Let me know how the scan went! Hoping that everything turns out fine with your little baby!


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