Thursday, 29 January 2015

Christmas Day in Las Vegas

I can't believe it's already over a month since Christmas - where does the time go? You'd think that by now I would have churned out a whole host of posts about our 2-week festive trip, but it's quite a daunting thing to do - there's so much to say that I really don't know where to start!

Christmas in Las Vegas: Living for the Victories

So, I'll start with the fact that we spent Christmas day in Las Vegas, how does that sound? Was it a bit weird? Sure. We're not always guaranteed a white Christmas at home, but we are pretty much always destined to be cold. Las Vegas wasn't hot, but it was mild and very, very sunny. Christmas day was also exceptionally windy, with gusts up to 55 MPH.

We began our Christmas day with breakfast at The Sugar Factory the Paris Hotel. I had a very traditional festive breakfast - sausage and egg pizza. I don't know who thought up putting sausage and scrambled egg on a pizza base, but I like that person A Lot!

After breakfast, we went across to the Bellagio to have a look around the winter wonderland in the Conservatory. I must admit, it was much smaller than I expected, but still very pretty. I loved the Coca Cola bears made from flowers, and the tree was beautiful.

Christmas in Las Vegas: Bellagio
Christmas in Las Vegas: Bellagio
Christmas in Las Vegas: Bellagio

From there, we continued heading south, calling in at Aria, City Center and Monte Carlo. Then we decided to go back to our accommodation and Skype our families to wish them a merry Christmas and have a catch up on how they'd been celebrating.

The plan for later was to go out for a proper Christmas dinner - I'd spent hours hunting around online for menus before we went, and our intention was to have a really lovely celebration meal. However, my pregnant self had other ideas - my nausea ramped up in the afternoon, and I found myself feeling unbearably tired. So, instead of a slap-up Christmas dinner, we went to CVS and bought some frozen burgers. Party on, huh?! Even better, I fell asleep ridiculously early and never even ate mine!

It was a bizarre Christmas Day, enjoyable in its own way, even though it didn't go at all to plan. It was nice to have a relatively low-key day, with just the two of us... But it was odd to have no turkey, Brussels sprouts or gifts to exchange!

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  1. I think I could handle the "no presents" but I think I'd miss the turkey and the cold weather!


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