Wednesday, 26 November 2014

To Christmas Tree or Not to Christmas Tree?

The time is drawing nearer to December, and usually once December rolls around I become increasingly antsy and desperate to get the Christmas decorations out. There's just something so wonderful about putting the tree up, isn't there?

However... This year, I just can't decide what to do. Neither of us can. If we were to put the decorations up, it would be on the weekend of 6th December, and we would have only 2 weeks to enjoy them before going on our big festive trip. We arrive back on Sunday 5th January, so realistically we would either have to take them all down before leaving, or on the very same day that we get home. Which honestly doesn't sound all that appealing.

What to do??? What would you do in our shoes? Would you carry on as normal, putting the decorations up? Would you put a few up, to make taking them down quicker and easier but still have an air of festivity around the house? Or would you decide that there's little point making the effort for just two weeks? Please help!!


  1. Put them up and keep them up all through January so you can enjoy them! Haha ;)


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