Thursday, 20 November 2014

How I Found Out I'm Pregnant

When you're going through IVF, and you have a bunch of TTC friends, the question you are asked repeatedly is "when will you test?" Some people can't resist testing early so that they have their result as soon as possible. Others can't bear the idea of seeing a negative result - especially when testing early can lead to a false negative.

Our frozen embryos, which were at the 5 day blastocyst stage, were transferred on Friday 10th October. My official test date at the clinic was Monday 20th October. However, I was aware that my result should show a reliable result at 9 days post transfer - which was on the Sunday.

I changed my mind a couple of dozen times during that nine days - I would test on the Sunday; I would wait and test at home on the Monday. On the Thursday, I started to feel a little 'off'. On the Friday, I felt positively awful (poor timing too - we were at a wedding, and although I made it through the day's festivities I had to go to bed at 5pm and completely missed the party on the evening!). On the Saturday, I decided I would test first thing on Sunday.

I barely slept a wink that night. My mind was working overtime: what if the test was negative? What if it was positive??? The uncertainty of our fate made for a very restless night for me. Eventually, just after 7am, I could put it off no longer. I needed to pee, so it was time to pee on that stick.

I had carefully placed an internet cheapy test in the bathroom the night before, and I watched as the control line immediately turned to a dark red. My eyes were fixed on where I thought the test line should be, and nothing seemed to be happening. My heart sank. I left the test on the edge of the bath, and I brushed my teeth. Afterwards I looked at the test, then I looked again. Was that a line? There was something there, definitely.

I'd heard Boy stirring in the bedroom, so I hollered for him to come and have a look. He agreed that there was definitely something of a second line. I took a (couple of!) photos of it and asked my lovely internet friends for their opinion. I was happy, but cautious - I didn't want to get too swept away in the moment.

My intention had been to save my last ClearBlue Digital test for the Monday morning, but by Sunday afternoon I could resist no longer. After what felt like a lifetime, the egg timer gave way to the word 'Pregnant'. Wow! I had almost given up hope of ever seeing that without the preceding 'Not'. It took its time about deciding just how much hCG there was though, it felt like another lifetime passed before it finally showed a result in weeks. I had expected to see 1-2 weeks, so it was quite a shock when this happened:

What does it mean?? Is that our first real sign that both embryos stuck? Unfortunately, we would have to wait another few weeks before that question could be answered...!


  1. I cannot even imagine you having to wait & wait to do the test & then the shock of it being positive. I just knew that you would get pregnant. :)

    Mandie ~

  2. With all three pregnancies I only tested at a point where I already knew the result (or in Lily's case, Richard knew) already before even testing. Negative tests are way too depressing! So excited for you having finally peed a "positive" :-) Hope everything goes well in your pregnancy!

  3. What a nerve wracking time! I am still thrilled for you. We will be trying again this year.


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