Thursday, 9 October 2014

The Most Memorable Halloween

Halloween isn't really that big of a deal over here in the UK. It does seem to be gaining in popularity - the shops definitely seem to have more Halloweeny type stock in now than they used to when I was a kid - but it's still a long way off having the same kind of status it seems to have in the US.
As a result, I don't have many Halloween memories to draw from. I went trick-or-treating once as a child, which was very uneventful. I went to one Halloween party in my youth, and about all I can remember of that is apple bobbing. This pretty much leaves me with the Halloween of 2008; the only party we've been to in recent years, and things didn't quite go to plan!

Boy decided that he would go to the party dressed at the Hulk. As you can probably imagine, this involved a substantial amount of green body paint. He had a green t-shirt to cover his torso, but his arms, legs and face were painted green. He looked good, but if we'd known how badly he'd end up getting on with a bottle of gin there might have been a rethink.

One minute he was fine, and the next he went outside and the addition of fresh air just seemed to send him totally over the cliff of drunkenness. At that point, I'd never really seen him drunk before, and I knew I needed to get him home. We'd only moved into the house a month beforehand and we didn't even have a bed, but I was somewhat concerned about letting him crawl into our sheets whilst covered in green so I started running him a bath. I figured if I could just get him sat in it, I could wash the paint off and everything would be OK.

It quickly became apparent that even that plan wasn't going to work. Once Boy had finished a good long vomiting session (sorry!), there was no coaxing him into the bath. He pleaded for me to make him a coffee, and when I arrived back upstairs with it I discovered him passed out on the mattress. Still green. But, thankfully, not much of it transferred on to the sheets!

Helene in Between

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  1. Haha! I guess that's sort of like the fake tan problem a lot of girls deal with - only green! But what did you go as to the party!?

  2. Haha great post - Men! I said the same thing about Halloween being more of an American thing - I've only ever dressed up once for it!

  3. great costume, and at least it didn't all smear on the sheets!

    diana |Life in German

  4. How fun! You nailed it with the costume.

  5. ohhh no!!! omg! that's crazy! when boys get reallllly drunk I get worried I won't be able to handle them!

  6. That hulk costume looked awesome! And I wonder why Halloween is so popular in Americana and not so much in others. I wonder why it became so widespread in the U.S.

    Katie Petty

  7. Yikes, I hate those kinds of nights! Avoid them at all cost! BUT the Hulk costume was pretty hilarious... ;)

  8. Boys and alcohol are so hard to handle sometimes! But that costume is awesome!

    Thanks for linking up to the FFF blog hop this week! Have a fab weekend, Jenni!


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