Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Hello 2024!

Dear the me of 2024,

Wow, look at you. You're 41. 41! Do you feel like a grown up yet? (My money would be on no)

So, I guess a lot has changed since you wrote this little letter to yourself. Sadly, my crystal ball is currently broken so I have no way of knowing how these 10 years are going to pan out. I can look backwards 10 years to when you were 21 (let's not consider that that's about half your life ago eh?) and I'm sure we'd both agree that those 10 years changed your life beyond recognition. At 21 you had a boyfriend who was, let's face it, all kinds of wrong for you and a bit of a d**k. You lived at home with your parents, and worked as a nursery nurse. You went out every weekend, dancing the night away, and you were a very trim and toned size 10. Wasn't life good?

The next 10 years were eventful, to say the least. You finally saw the light and ditched that boyfriend. Then you reconnected with your ex-best friend - with hindsight, you should maybe have realised that the fact that she stopped talking to you when you got a boyfriend and she got a massive case of the green eyed monster was a sign that things would never go swimmingly well for the two of you, but you always did try to see the best in people. Shame she had to stab you in the back a bit later on. But anyway... You found yourself having a huge change of direction career-wise, and little did you know then that this would lead you to Mr Right and have you move 100 miles away to set up home with him.

Your first 8 years of living together were anything but plain sailing. You had house problems, family problems, and more grief and heartache than you could shake a stick at. The loss of your dad a month after your wedding was such a difficult time, and your hopes of providing some good news for the family in the shape of tiny feet turned into another situation filled with sorrow and pain. At the time of writing this letter, that is still a work in progress, and I sincerely hope that joy finds you in the not too distant future.

On a lighter note, do you remember how much you used to look forward to 2015 because we would all travel around in flying cars and on hover boards - you'd seen it on the telly (Back to the Future, of course!) so it was obviously real and true and definitely going to happen. How did that work out for you? Maybe you're reading this in your flying car, its possible right? I wonder if you ever learned to drive when flying cars came around.

If it hasn't freaked you out enough that you're now 41, think about your godchildren. Curly is 18 this month! How did that happen? Cheeky is 15, and Smiley is almost 11. Let me tell you, 10 years ago as you were writing this, that all seemed inconceivable. I bet it feels like no time has passed at all since little Smiley used to think he was Spiderman and would climb up anyone or anything to get around, and had everyone wrapped around his little finger because that cute little face of his would melt any heart.

I hope the last 10 years have been kind to you, and have seen a change in your luck. Above all, I hope you're happy.

Helene in Between

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  1. Flying cars will hopefully exist, I don't want to get older if in 10 years there won't be hover cars everywhere :P That's a really lovely letter :)

  2. I wrote to a 41-year old self too! It sounds so scary to say out loud.

    Stay strong! I'm sure in 10 years you will have those tiny feet running around :)

  3. Do you also wonder when (or if ever) you will feel like an adult? I somehow still feel like 18, and it's still weird being addressed with "Ma'am" or Mrs., even though I've indeed been a Mrs. for 8 years now :-)


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