Wednesday, 29 October 2014

10 Things That Happen When You Try to Conceive - #NFAWUK

Today, as part of National Fertility Awareness Week, I'm taking a slightly more lighthearted (yet still very, very honest!) approach. If you've ever consciously tried to conceive, I'm sure you'll be able to relate to these!

1. Planning your life around your menstrual cycle. In particular, avoiding making social plans around the time of ovulation (because, you know, you've gotta be free to get busy!) and around the time Aunt Flo is due, because if she arrives you ain't gonna want to be sociable.

2. Becoming fluent in a whole host of acronyms you never would have dreamt of. Some examples of these are TTC, 2WW, AF, BFN, BFP, EWCM, OPK, HPT.

3. Becoming an addict at peeing on sticks, be they ovulation predictors or pregnancy tests. Oh look, there's another acronym: POAS.

4. Discussing your POAS habits on the internet with strangers.

5. Symptom spotting during the 2 week wait. Prodding your own boobs continually, to see if they're tender (they are after you've been prodding them so much!)

6. Fending off advice from well-meaning friends.

7. Losing spontaneity and romance from your relationship. Getting jiggy is a strictly timetabled activity; you can't just do it as and when you feel like it. And if you don't feel like it when it's scheduled, tough. Get over it.

8. Becoming an expert in the theoretical side of pregnancy. You know what should happen when, how you should feel... You just don't know if/when it will ever actually happen to you.

9. Feeling that the world is grossly unfair, and that there should be some sort of a queuing system in place for the dishing out of babies. How dare that couple that got married two years after you be on their second already when you're still waiting for your first?!

10. Dreading what's coming every time a friend says "I have news". It's invariably always yet another pregnancy announcement, and as happy as you are for your friend, it drives it home once more how sad you are that it isn't happening for you.


  1. I can definitely agree with some of them. Those three months we were TTC Lily was NOT FUN!! I only ever had one negative test, because I am more into the "wait and see", but this one test was one of the biggest disappointments in my life at that point. I definitely felt the hopes shatter. We did not share the fact that we were trying for a baby with friends or family, except one very, very close friend, because I could not bear people keeping asking or staring at my tummy all the time, waiting for the announcement. I know, this sounds totally winy and unreasonable coming from me, but I still remember those three months, and how hard they were on me. You are going through so, so much more, and are such a strong woman for not having completely broken under the weight, Jenni. Hugs to you!


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