Tuesday, 30 September 2014

September 2014 In Review

Is it me, or has September flown? How is it possible that it’s October tomorrow? Here’s what I’ve been doing this month:


I finished Gossip Girl! I only discovered it a few months ago, but I got really into it really quickly, and now I’m kind of sad to have reached the end of it. I think we all know I’m a tiny bit obsessed with New York, so I loved watching the show for the backdrop just as much as for the characters and the story. I must say, it gave me some great inspiration of places to visit – even the Paris episodes gave me some ideas for our trip this past summer. Now I just need to get my hands on the books and see if they’re as addictive…

I also watched the entire first season of Scandal in a day – which isn’t that difficult as it’s only 7 episodes. I can’t wait to see season 2 now!

The big event from September for me was the beginning of this year’s Strictly Come Dancing – my favourite Saturday night show of autumn and winter and I’m so glad it’s back! It’s just a shame my favourite pro is busy doing Dancing With The Stars in America this year, I’m going to miss him.


I’ve ploughed through a few books this month, which is great! At the beginning of September, I was reading Gone Girl – I’d wanted to read it for ages, but then at the end of August I went to the cinema to see If I Stay and found myself desperate to read that so I tried to hurry along with Gone Girl! Then I read If I Stay and its sequel, Where She Went. The next book I read was Paper Towns, which wasn’t quite what I’d hoped, and then yesterday I read You’re The One That I Want. My thought on those will be up here soon!


It’s been a strange month, I’ve hardly watched any movies! I only added one to my “never seen before” list, which was Anchorman 2.


Last Friday I headed down to York for a work night out with Boy. Several members of his team left last week due to a restructure, so they took voluntary redundancy or early retirement. I have no pictures at all of the evening but it was a lot of fun, even though I was purely on soft drinks all night (I must have had 8 or 9 J2Os!) – sometimes it’s funny watching everyone else being drunk.


We haven’t been anywhere much during September, but we have made a lot of progress with our Christmas plans. I booked our flights back in August, but it took a little while longer to settle on accommodations. That’s all now sorted; we’re staying just off the strip in Las Vegas in a condo resort, and in New York we picked a hotel in Long Island City with amazing views of the Manhattan skyline. We’ve also booked tickets for the Statue of Liberty on Boy’s birthday, which is really exciting!

The biggest thing for September has been the start of our frozen IVF cycle. Since the first weekend of the month, I’ve been injecting every day – yep, still hate those needles – and for the last 10 days or so I’ve also been taking tablets. Transfer of our frozen embryos should take place in the first half of October sometime.

How was your September?

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