Tuesday, 2 September 2014

I Am An Aparthotel Convert!

On our recent trip to Paris, we'd decided to stay in an apart-hotel. There were a couple of reasons for this, and it turned out to be a really great decision – one that we'll more than likely make on future trips.

Citadines Bastille Marais Paris

1. More space
It's probably obvious, but an apartment comes with more space than your average hotel room. Not only did we have a bed, a wardrobe and a bathroom; we also had a kitchenette, a dining table and a couple of chairs, and plenty space to swing a proverbial cat, if we were so inclined.

Citadines Bastille Marais Paris

2. Flexibility
Our kitchenette meant that we could eat pretty much whenever we wanted – and whatever we wanted. Hotels tend to have restricted meal times – this one did serve breakfast, at a cost of €12 per person per day, and only for 2 hours on a morning – so we saved ourselves a lot of money and time by making our own breakfasts. The same can be said for evening meals, which we cooked for ourselves in our apartment. We had taken a few things with us to save the cost of buying them at the local supermarkets too. It also meant that if we didn't finish our meals, we could easily put them in the fridge to save for later. Another excellent reason to want access to a fridge – a hot drink tastes soooooo much better with actual, real, cold, fresh milk in it than it does with the little cartons that you get in hotels!
Citadines Bastille Marais Paris

3. Cost
Obviously this varies tremendously from property to property, much as it does with hotels; but in general, an apart-hotel costs less than its fully-serviced counterpart. We paid just £68 a night for our 3* room – for the same price in the same area we would have struggled to get a 2* hotel room.

4. Hotel services
There are some great reasons to stay in a hotel, and thankfully our apart-hotel provided some of these. Having someone at reception to speak to when you have any problems, questions etc, is always useful. They were also able to book tours and trips. Although we didn't use it, there was a laundry service. There was also a launderette, but we didn't use that either.

The most noticeable difference between a hotel and an apart-hotel in terms of service is how often your room is cleaned. In a hotel, this happens every day. Our apart-hotel only provided maid service after every third night, so we only had our room serviced once during our stay. Honestly, I found that to be enough. We're not messy people; we don't need our sheets changing every day or fresh towels. The only thing we did need really by that morning was for the bins to be emptied!

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed our stay and it is extremely likely that we'll go down this route on future trips. I'm more than happy to give up some unnecessary cleaning in exchange for more space, and kitchen facilities.

What type of accommodation do you prefer to stay in when you go away?

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  1. How cute, I love it! The outside looks pretty cool too. If I could get hotel service i'd probably never leave, haha.

  2. We stayed in one in Brussels, definitely agree - I loved that there was a little kitchenette! I always eat the food from mini bars though and end up having to buy chocolate bars to replace them, rather than paying the mini bar prices!

  3. We had an apartment last time we went on a family vacation, and while preparing meals by ourselves definitely saved us tons of money, it didn't quite feel like a vacation. I think next time we'll suck up the cost and go to a hotel again :-)


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