Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Where Does Time Go?

Oh, hello there. I did that thing again where I just inexplicably vanished, didn't I? I wish I could promise I'm getting back into the blogging groove, but if I'm honest I think that would be a little ambitious. How on earth did I used to show up here 5 or 6 times a week?

Life is seriously getting in the way of me finding time to sit down and churn out some posts. It's not even a lack of things to write about - I've got so many ideas chugging around in my head right now, and I really want to get down to business, write, and share with you all - but there's just so much else going on and I'm really struggling to do it. Not to mention editing pictures and creating images to go alongside those post ideas... It's just not happening! (As you can tell by the lack of image in this post) I've got a ton of half written posts, a ton more ideas to write... When will I have a chance to just get on with it?!

So many exciting things have been happening lately. We spent a night in London, where we saw a movie on the biggest cinema screen in the country. Then we went to Paris, which is undoubtedly a beautiful city - but difficult to thoroughly enjoy when it curses you and your husband with the dreaded lurgy. And we booked our Christmas/New Year flights to the USA so that is really happening! I can't to share all of this, and more, with you all - plus I got nominated for an award by one of my favourite bloggers which is a first in this new home of mine, and I'm super excited about that too! Not to mention that we are now really close to getting back on the IVF train, which is exciting and terrifying in equal measure.

Do you ever struggle to find the time to blog? How do you get around it?

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  1. Glad you're still on and have so many excited things to tell about. I'm having issues finding my rhythm again after 2 months of Telecom-enforced leave and now with Calvin having joined the family. Your travels just sound wonderful, and yay for going back on the IVF-train. Here is to a 2015-baby!!!

  2. I can't believe that I forgot to add your new home to my blog roll!!! Well now I found you again! Praying for this IVF to work. What I wouldn't give for a 2015 babe myself!


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