Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Paris by Eurostar: Why I Love It

The last couple of times I've visited Paris, I've travelled from London by Eurostar. This has required us to firstly, travel to London (which is a 3 hour train journey from home), and to then stay overnight in London - because I worry about getting delayed en route and missing our booked Eurostar train. We live about an hour from an airport with flights to Paris, so why do I prefer to travel this way?

Please excuse the blurry picture - I was walking when I took it!
It's not that I don't like flying; I do. I would go as far as to say I love flying. What I don't love is having to check in 3 hours before my flight, or the way it takes ages to get through security, or the restrictions on things you can have in your hand luggage that mean you have to have some of your luggage in the hold - this often costs extra on budget airlines.

Eurostar is so simple and convenient. There are some restrictions on what you can take, but not as many as airlines. You don't have to turn up hours in advance to check in. We tend to arrive 45-60 minutes before departure, and even then we have plenty of time to check in, pass through security, and wait around until the train boards. Plus, you arrive right in the centre of Paris, which you don't when you fly. The journey time is longer than flying, but when you take into account the waiting around beforehand and the whole palaver of getting through customs and baggage claim at the other end, it's probably quicker. You get off the train at Gare du Nord, and Paris is at your immediate disposal!

The trains look a little, er, dated these days, but they're comfortable and spacious enough to sit on for a couple of hours without problem. We have noticed that the luggage storage area tends to get a bit overcrowded - but as we usually take holdalls rather than gigantic suitcases we put ours in the overhead racks, which avoids them being moved around and keeps them within our sight. Which then means we can get straight off the train and on our merry way!

Each time I've booked our trip, I've booked early and taken advantage of the £69 return fare. The Eurostar website is really easy to follow, and it's simple to find the trains with the lowest fares.

Have you ever travelled by Eurostar? What did you think of it?

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  1. When we visited Europe in high school we took the train from London to Paris an it was fantastic! I would totally take it over flying!

  2. I've never been on a train before & I've only flown I think that I need to get myself out there some more & do these things! :)

    Mandie ~


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