Saturday, 26 July 2014

Couriers Tell Lies!

Remember on Tuesday when I complained about a particular courier and the terrible "service" they were providing? Consider this round 2...!

I contacted them via Twitter to ask how to register a complaint - their website is extremely unhelpful and provides no details at all on how to contact them. One of their staff replied and we had a nice little conversation, he gave me an email address to give him full details of what had happened and so on, and then said he would rearrange delivery for today. Given that this was the best option available, I went with it. Sure, it meant I was giving up a second Saturday in a row - and an absolutely beautiful summery day at that - but I hoped they'd come reasonably early in the day.

It is now 7.20pm. Has my parcel been? Why no, of course not. I have sat inside all day, I've missed the sunshine, I've missed the air show, and I've missed out on spending time with my best friend and godchildren who are only in the north end of the country for a couple more days. We could still go and see them tomorrow, but it's 2 hours each way and would make for a very long day - which is exactly why we planned to go today and stay overnight.
There is no way of contacting the couriers; I tried to call them earlier but their phone line is basically a robot and I need to speak with an actual human being. Of course there's no option to do that. I am one very unhappy customer right now!

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