Tuesday, 22 July 2014

6 Things That Are Annoying Me (And 4 That Aren't)

Today, I’m finding myself feeling frustrated and irritated. Why can’t frustrating and irritating things form an orderly queue, and happen one at a time? Do they really need to all accumulate and strike at once?

What’s got me all bent out of shape, I hear you ask. Well…

1. Couriers
Yes, Yodel, I'm looking at you. Almost 2 weeks ago I placed an order online. One week ago, a courier attempted to deliver said order, but as we were out at work they left a card with instructions to book redelivery. I booked for them to come on Saturday. We stayed in all day Saturday, and it never showed. They brought it yesterday instead, when we were both at work. I logged on again, and it now says that they've attempted to deliver 3 times - including on Saturday! - so now I apparently have to make a 60 mile round trip to collect it. Which will cost £15 in petrol. Which is almost the same as the value of the frigging parcel! I am NOT happy. They absolutely, positively did not come on Saturday, they have not attempted to deliver 3 times, and you can bet your ass I'm going to complain about this.

2. Cyclists
There seems to be some kind of conspiracy among cyclists at the moment, to be everywhere I go. When we're in the car, they're all over the road - and I mean in the middle of the road, with a huge queue of traffic behind, sauntering along without a care in the world. When I'm walking, they're on the pathways, taking up all the space there and some even yell at me for being on a pathway!

3. People with excuses
I have a colleague who is constantly missing timescales at the moment. Her excuse? Her team is short staffed. What did she spend an hour doing this morning? Wandering up and down the office asking for people to contribute to a collection. Sorry petal, but that's not helping you get your work done any faster is it? The fact is, she's one of those people who'd rather do anything but her actual job, and then when things go wrong she's got all the excuses under the sun and it's never ever her fault.

4. The IT at work
I don't think this ever goes away or gets better. It's just a variable scale of badness. On Monday morning it took me 25 minutes to get logged on! Even then I had to do a restart because nothing would work. If there's anything that tests my patience on a daily basis, this is it.

5. Moths
What is with moths being everywhere at the moment?! Why must there be so many? What purpose do they serve??

6. Negativity towards bloggers
I happened upon a website last night, where it seems the sole purpose of it is to hate upon bloggers and their blogs. I had no idea that people could band together in this way! I don't mind admitting I don't get it. If you don't like someone or something, don't look at it. I was raised to believe that if you've got nothing nice to say, you shouldn't say anything at all.

In the interests of balance and equilibrium, there are a number of things over the last couple of days that have made me really happy.

1. I finally got my hands on a Hufflepuff t-shirt!

2. My BFF is up north visiting her family, so we might be able to schedule a trip this weekend to meet up. I really hope so!

3. My American friend has invited us to a party next weekend. It seems like so long since we’ve seen her so it will be nice to catch up.

4. I realised on Sunday that we're only 3 weeks away from Paris - I can't believe it has come around so quickly - and I really need to start packing!

What's on your mind today? Good or bad, tell me about it!

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  1. Ugh, I have a similar feeling for couriers. I think they automatically write the pick up notices now. Am I all day every day, but still I go to the mailbox and there is one of those pieces of paper saying that I have to go pick up a package!

  2. Okay, let me get this straight, there is a webpage where people hate on bloggers...it kinda seems blogger-ish, doesn't it? I don't get it. Seriously, confused look all over my face right now. :\

  3. Those cyclist! Ugh, get out of the road & get on the sidewalk, or stay in your cycling lane. The IT at work is horrible here too. Err, people with excuses make me angry too. Happy Tuesday!

  4. This made me both laugh and rant along with you... Totally agree about cyclists and moths!! I haven't caught up with your blog in a while, it's looking and reading fab Missy! x

  5. This is a great posts! The mail around here has been pretty good but the prices are INSANE!! And cyclists.. GET OUT OF MY WAY. PS- I miss you! XOXO

  6. Cyclists drive me crazy! I hate lumping them all together but the bad ones totally outnumber the good!

  7. The negative site, is it GOMI? Because I just learned about it and I was perturbed that such a thing existed. We don't have tons of cyclists in the US, and bike lanes are pretty rare around here. I remember being surprised at how many there were when we visited Europe (especially Amsterdam), and how even with a dedicated lane how many didn't stay in it!

    I like that you balanced your positive and negatives!

  8. I NEED to see your Hufflepuff Tee!!!


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