Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Things I'm Good At

Just to balance out the post of things I'm bad at, here are some things I'm not all that bad at!

Organising things
Travel itineraries, paperwork, meetings - if something needs organisation of some kind, I'm your girl! To some, it might seem that I go too far with my planning and preparation, but I just like to cover all my bases and be sure I've checked every available option.

At times, I can be really really really good at this. I have a lot of years of experience. At school, I was the kind of student who put off homework as long as possible. I always met my deadlines, but rather than make a start in good time and give myself ages to get things finished, I waited until almost the last minute.

Bargain hunting
"Sale" is one of my favourite words. I also quite like "offer" and "reduced". Obviously "free" is the best word of all, but - as we Yorkshire folk would say - you don't get owt for nowt these days. Except sometimes you do, and if there is an opportunity of free stuff then I'm there with bells on because it's rude not to when it's free, right? But anyway, I rock at sniffing out bargains and getting a good deal.

Making lists
Man, I love a list. Sometimes I even make a list of lists I need to make, and believe me that's one of the best things ever. I suppose this kind of goes back to the organisation thing.

Soaking up the sun
I've said it before and I'll say it again: I was made for a far more tropical climate. I love the sunshine and the heat. Gimme those things with a beach or a pool and I'm one happy chappy.

Winning music quizzes
This mainly applies for music from the 90s and 00s, but it does sometimes happen with other eras too. I was obsessed with music in my teens and I have a lot of obscure knowledge that comes in very handy - particularly when we're watching the TV quiz show Pointless and I always kick Boy's butt on the music questions. We used to play Buzz on the PS2 a lot and he quickly started refusing to play the music quiz because he always lost.

What are you good at?

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  1. Ohhh yes, I'm definitely good at these things. I'm very good at procrastinating and bargain hunting. I immediately go to the clearance racks in any store I walk into.

  2. Girl, you & I are one! Ha! I am good at all those same things. No jokes whatsoever!

  3. Lists are awesome!!
    I'm reallllly good at bargain hunting too!! Great post idea, might have to steal it!

  4. We've got loads in common because I'm good at four out of your six; organizing, procrastinating (wish I wasn't so good at that one), bargain-hunting and making lists (everyday lists are made)!

  5. Well you might as well have written this list for me! Except for the music quizzes one... I am terrible at anything trivia related!

  6. I am exactly the same! Apart from the music quiz thing, I am rubbish at pub quizzes and the like!


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