Sunday, 1 June 2014

Sunday Social

It's a little while since I've done a Sunday Social, and as this will be the first one in my new space the questions this week are particularly relevant!

1. Introduce yourself and your blog to us

I'm Jenni, a 30-year-old English wife and wannabe mother. This blog is only a few days old, and I did a whole introductory post just this week, check it out!

2. What is your favourite form of Social Media and why?
Instagram is probably my favourite. I love looking at pictures!

3. What made you start a blog?

I started my first blog a couple of years ago now, and it was a place for me to vent my feelings about our struggles with fertility and our difficult journey of trying to become parents. Then, after a while, I just ran out of things to say - nothing changed, nothing was happening, so where do you go with that? So I started a new blog, one that I didn't fit into a particular niche with, I just blogged about anything. And then some things happened and I just fell off the blogging wagon, and when I was ready to climb back on I decided I wanted to start afresh. So here I am!

4. What do you feel the most meaningful/special post you've written is?

I've written some posts that are incredibly meaningful to me - the grief of losing my dad, the reality of IVF, and how it feels to be dropped from someone's life are just a few. I haven't yet moved all of my posts across here though, so I can't link them!

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  1. Good to meet you Sunday Socialite - I'll look out for you on Instagram!

  2. I'm glad you got in touch because I was afraid I wouldn't know where your new blog would be!!!
    Glad you're still around dear :) xx

  3. Stopping by from the link-up! Good luck with the new blog. Have a good week1

  4. Happy Sunday! I'm stopping by today via Sunday Social.
    Welcome to the blogging world.

  5. welcome back to blogging! how exciting to have a fresh start. sometimes i want to start over, but at the same time i do love the history i have.


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