Friday, 20 June 2014

It's Finally Friday!

I am SO happy Friday is here, for many reasons. Firstly, because it's Friday - who doesn't love Friday? Secondly, because I have fun stuff planned for this entire weekend. Yeah, that's right, fun stuff. Rare around these parts, so I'm very excited! Thirdly... Oh, I can't think of a third reason.

This week has been one of those weird weeks that has kinda flown but also been long and tiring... I know, that makes very little sense. Most mornings I've been awake sometime during the hour of 4, which is WAY too early and has left me feeling exhausted all week. The other night I was flat out before the end of the Spain v Chile game (for those of you half a world away, that means I was asleep by about 9.30pm). I made it to the end of the England game last night, but I'm not sure why I bothered.

This week has been our first full week of driving to the railway station on a morning instead of getting the bus. (I still haven't posted about our lovely new car, have I? Oops.) We previously thought this would mean we could possibly get up a little later on a morning, but we have quickly learned that, in fact, we need to get up earlier if we want to get a parking space at the station. Boooooooo. It is lovely to have the freedom to decide on a whim that we want to call at the supermarket on the way home though, we couldn't really do that before because all the supermarkets are out of town and would have meant a couple of extra bus journeys. So, yay for car!

So, as for the weekend ahead... Tomorrow is my mum's birthday, so I'm heading to Yorkshire and taking her to see Wicked at the theatre. I am mega excited; I've wanted to see it ever since it first arrived in London and so many people have told me it’s fantastic. On Sunday, the plan is to go see The Fault in Our Stars with Nicola, and after I finally took the plunge and read the book last weekend I will definitely be taking lots of tissues and expecting to bawl my eyes out. I think clear mascara might be on the menu on Sunday.

What are your plans for the coming weekend? Have a great one!

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  1. Plans for the weekend : Luke is working so probably just knitting and housework! Have fun in Yorkshire. Love it there!


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