Thursday, 19 June 2014

How I Procrastinate

Item #19 on my 101 in 1001 list is to write on 20 creative writing prompts. Today I am writing on prompt #108.

10 Things I Do When I Procrastinate

1. Browse things to do and places to go for upcoming trips I've got planned. At the moment, this is Paris. I can spend hours looking into shops, bars, restaurants, attractions, tours... And of course when I'm doing this I'm always looking into finding a good deal too!

2. Price up potential future trips. At the moment I'm quite regularly found on the likes of Expedia, eBookers, and various other travel sites comparing how much a holiday over Christmas and New Year might cost.

3. Play The Simpsons: Tapped Out. I am kind of addicted to this game. The problem I've got now is that I've got a whole ton of money and nothing to spend it on.

4. Watch TV or a movie. I think we probably all know I'm something of a telly addict. I have a lot of favourite shows, and I love sitting down and having a good ol' TV catch up.

5. Browse social media. I can spend ages on instagram (thank you, hashtags!), and obviously there's twitter and FB for some perusal.

6. Take the quizzes on Zimbio. Because, obviously, I absolutely need to know which transformer I am, and who my 80s movie boyfriend would be, and which character from Dirty Dancing/Titanic/Friends/Saved By The Bell I am.

7. Eat. This one is particularly prolific during working hours. Should I start looking at that set of requests, or should I hang fire a couple of minutes and eat a yogurt? Hmm. Yogurt.

8. Pinterest. Do I really need to expand on this?

9. Read. Be it blogs or a book, I like to read.

10. Click on random links on Wikipedia. Seriously, you can learn all kinds of things you had no idea you didn't know by doing this.

What do you do when you procrastinate?

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  1. Ha - I love clicking random links on wikipedia. I have been led down some weird and wonderful paths in doing this! I knit and I watch rubbish on TV when I procrastinate. I am excellent at procrastination. I spend probably 90% of my time procrastinating!

  2. Pinterest can definitely be a time suck! I do really like researching and planning for the trips we're taking--though I consider that useful, not procrastination! Or maybe it's useful procrastination... :)


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