Monday, 2 June 2014

10 Things I'm Looking Forward To This Summer

I'm still trying to get my head around the fact that we're in June. Seriously, how did that happen? But, now that summer really is just round the corner, I thought I'd share some of the things we've got planned for this coming season.

10 Things I'm Looking Forward To This Summer

1. A Week In Paris
Well, just under a week actually. But what's a day between friends?! I'm excited to have lots of time to explore on this visit - our last trip two summers ago was only 3 days, and we spent one of those at Disney and one with Boy's friend, so we didn't get around everything. This time, we've already booked to go up the Eiffel Tower at night, and we plan to visit the zoo, Notre Dame, Sacre Coeur... and a whole host of sporting grounds, because we like to do that when we go to big cities!

2. My Birthday
This kind of links in with number 1, as I will get a year older towards the end of our time in Paris. At this point, I can't tell you for sure what we'll do to mark that day - possibly a trip to Versailles, we'll see what happens - but what I can tell you is that it will definitely rain. No matter where I am in the world, it always rains on my birthday!

3. Having Our Own Car
Boy passed his driving test back in January, and since then we've either borrowed his mother's car or hired one as and when we've needed to. We decided last week to look into getting our own, and now all the documentation has been signed and sent off - so we're just waiting for a delivery date! That means that this summer, we'll have so many more options of places to go and things to do.

4. Seeing Wicked
I got tickets to see Wicked on tour on my mum's birthday, as a birthday gift to her. I love musical theatre, and Wicked is a show that I've wanted to see for a looooong time. When I found out it was touring, and that it was in the city nearest to my mum on the day of her birthday, it just felt like destiny was telling me something!

5. My Friend's Wedding
It feels like this is one wedding that has been a long time coming, probably because they've been engaged for about 6 years and this is actually the third wedding they've booked (a double booking and an unplanned pregnancy put a stop to the first two). I can't wait to see my lovely friend finally make her way down the aisle and marry the man she loves.

6. Seeing Rock Of Ages
As I said before, I love musical theatre. Boy and I also love a bit of classic rock. Combine the two, and that sounds like a good night out, does it not? I wanted to see Rock of Ages when it first came to London's West End, but we never quite got around to making the trip. The national tour is just to good an opportunity to miss though, especially when it's coming so close to our home!

7. Warmer Weather... and Sunshine
I don't like the cold. I don't like rain. I realise that, this being the UK and all, we'll probably still get both of those things throughout the summer - but a girl can hope that we'll have a few weeks of sunshine and heat!

8. Ice Creams
Ice cream is a diet staple of mine in summer. Whether it be in a tub or on a stick and coated in chocolate, I'm not fussy. But a trip or a day out doesn't count until there's ice cream, fact.

9. The World Cup
Unless you've been living under a rock, you must be aware that the world cup is very nearly upon us. A month of most menfolk wanting to stay up til all hours (in this time zone at least) and watch every game that is shown on TV. I have to say, having Brazil host it isn't my favourite thing because of the lateness of some of the games. Still, the world cup is the world cup and I'm sure I'll be gripped by the fever all the same!

10. Meeting a Fellow Blogger
This is a recent, but thoroughly exciting, development. The lovely Nicola Kirsty very kindly volunteered herself to come to a concert with me this weekend, and I can't wait to meet her! I was almost at the point of begging Boy to come with me to said concert, which is very much a trip down memory lane as it's my first boyband obsession who are celebrating their 20th anniversary. Boy would not have enjoyed it one bit, and so when Nicola said she'd come too I was so happy! Now I get to be there with someone who actually wants to be there, who knows the songs, and I get to meet her in real life - all at the same time! Awesome huh?

What are you looking forward to this summer? Let me know by leaving a comment, or blog about it and leave me the link :)

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  1. Wicked AND Rock of Ages?! This is me totally jealous!!!! :)

  2. lots of wonderful things to look forward to...enjoy

  3. Sounds like some great things! :)

  4. I'm rather flattered to make #10 on your list! Saturday is what is currently getting me through the week (although I know it's only Monday) and, given they were my first boyband obsession too, I am very happy for the lovely excuse for a night of nostalgia :)

  5. I'm so jealous that you get to go to Paris!!!
    Wicked is such a good show, enjoy!
    Also wooooohoooooooo for the World Cup!!!!

  6. Sounds like you have a very eventful month! Rock of Ages is soooo good! I'm excited for the world cup too! :)

  7. Enjoy every moment! I'm super jealous you're going to be spending your birthday in Paris! :-)

  8. What a great summer list and I hope you have fun in Paris - I am also going for my birthday later this year.

    Laura x

  9. It is amazing how summer is a time we each look forward to particular things. I am looking forward to just relaxing a roasting a marshmallow or two :) Have a great trip to Paris! And no matter what your summer may hold, enjoy it all! I visited this morning from the SITS :)

  10. I'm looking forward to getting some rest and play time in with my new granddaughter. I've read Wicked & would love to see the play. Stopping by from SITS!

  11. Oh Paris sounds gorgeous!! And I'm with you on the ice cream summer diet! Found you via SITS

  12. Sounds like you're going to have a great summer! I'm most looking forward to a family vacation in Denver in July!


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