Wednesday, 28 May 2014

What Happens When I Go Overboard In Primark

Ah, Primark, how I love thee. Your shelves and rails full of bargainous wonder.

I'm not even kidding. Primark is always an (almost) sure-fire way to see my bank balance take a hit.
We won't mention those odd occasions where I have gone in, found nothing and walked out empty handed - those are too just sad to think about.

Last weekend, we trekked across to Sunderland for a Primark expedition. I was on a mission. Last week, I suffered a mysterious but significant case of sock suicide - one or both of the socks I was wearing developed a fatal hole - so I needed somewhere to replenish my sock drawer on the cheap. Obviously, Primark was my first choice.

The thing was, once in there I got a little bit carried away. I did have a couple of other things in mind that I wanted to get, but... erm... this all kind of happened:

On our last Primark visit, Boy got one of these cups. And I've been jealous ever since. So I got one too! Hey, it's only £2.50, that's practically free if you think about it! And then the Marvel PJs, well they just jumped off the rails right into my basket. They really needed to come home with me to go with the two other pairs of Marvel PJs and the DC PJs I got from previous Primark trips. I needed some T-shirts to wear for work, so I picked up a navy stripy one and a red one, and then I spotted this Justice League one and my inner geek said I needed it. So that came home with me too.

Everyone knows that Primark vest tops are a total steal, which is why I bought 5 - they're summer essentials! And the blouse is really pretty and I can wear it at work, or with jeans, it's a wardrobe staple! Not pictured is a pair of skinny jeans, which were £7 - at that price, it's just rude not to. Then of course there's the plimsolls, everyone needs plimsolls and those flowery ones will get loads of wear during the summer. Comfy and cute. And lastly, a holdall to put it all in for our upcoming trip to Paris!

I haven't included pictures of the many pairs of socks I bought, or the many, many pairs of Marvel pants - I'm sure nobody wants to look at pictures of pants. Be assured they're awesome though.

I didn't monopolise all the fun though, Boy got a few bits as well... But a lot less than I did. His shopping value came in at just over £30. Mine was... Well, let's just say somewhere in the general vicinity of triple that and leave it there shall we?!

Are there any stores that you go overboard in? Or are you better at resisting the lure of bargains than me?

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  1. Love that pretty flowery blouse! Very cute! Wish we had this store in the states - looks like you can get a lot of cute stuff!

    My downfall is Bath & Body Works. I don't know if you have that there. It's bath gels, body sprays/perfumes, candles... all sorts of delicious-smelling stuff. LOVE it.

  2. Awesome finds! I particularly love the Marvel coffee cup! Oh yea!

    If I find myself in Victoria's Secret/Pink, I go insane! I've made VIP Angel in less than a few months. Luckily, however, the closest VS/Pink is an hour away or I would be in HUGE trouble. :)

  3. I want this store in the US and I want it NOW!

  4. I honestly can never trust myself in Primark. I'm trying to save money atm, but at the same time, I want to nip in and see if I can get a cheap summer wardrobe! Loving the plimsoles! & all the marvel stuff too!

  5. Wow!!! How did you manage to spend so much at Primarni?! You must have come away with an entire wardrobe. I love that you can buy clothes like groceries. Some of my fave clothes are from Primarni - from years ago! The marvel stuff is awesome. I wouldn't have been able to resist that cup!

  6. I love the justifications in this post - Primark is a law unto itself when it comes to hauls :P You got some cute bits :) I like the flowery shoes!

    The Oxford Owl


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