Tuesday, 27 May 2014

A Clean Slate

It feels a little bit like the first day of school, starting a new blog. The clean, empty page is like a new exercise book, and this first post feels as if I'm putting my name, form, and subject on the cover.

Some of you reading this may already know me - maybe only a little bit, or maybe quite well. But, in the interests of getting the formalities over and done with, here are 10 things you should know about me:

1. I'm married to a lovely, kind, caring man, who shall be referred to as Boy. We met in 2006, became a couple in 2007 and married in 2011.

2. I am a chocoholic. And, although I've admitted my problem, I haven't reached the stage of trying to combat it. Chocolate just brings me so much happiness - I'm not ready to face life without it yet.

3. I have big dreams to travel the world. Unfortunately, I'm not rich enough to actually do it yet - but I do try to cross places off my wish list when I can.

4. I am a bit of a geek. In all honesty, my inner geek is expanding at an alarming rate. This will probably become evident over future posts. Harry Potter is probably my biggest geeky thing, but there are others.

5. I love reading, and finding Goodreads was an absolute godsend for me because it helps me keep track of books I've read. It wasn't unheard of in the past for me to buy a book, start reading it and realise it all seemed a little bit familiar... because I'd already read it.

6. Boy and I are one of those 1 in 6 couples that face fertility problems. We're in the "unexplained" camp, which means that the doctors can't find a reason to explain why we haven't conceived. We've already had one round of IVF, and we were one of the 70% of couples that are unsuccessful.

7. I was made for a warmer climate than we have here in the UK. I despise being cold, and rain makes me miserable. I truly believe I'd function much better if I lived somewhere consistently sunny and warm.

8. I love being high up and taking in a good view, but at the same time I'm terrified of heights if I can see straight down. Walking up the stairs of the Eiffel Tower was one of the scariest things I've ever done.

9. I'm not a confident swimmer, and if I can't touch a surface at the side or the bottom I go into full scale panic mode. On honeymoon, I really wanted to try snorkelling - but I had a panic attack at the thought of being in the open sea so I just couldn't do it.

10. I've known my best friend since we were just one year old. We live at opposite ends of the country now, and we can go months without speaking to each other, but we always pick up where we left off. She has three beautiful children who we are godparents to, and I love them all dearly.

So, that's me in a nutshell. Thank you for stopping by, and if you'd like to follow along in this adventure through life you can do so via Bloglovin, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

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  1. Hurrah!! I am glad you aren't gone - I think your new blog will be a marvellous place! How did you get the goodreads button/feed thingy in your side bar? I would love that! I still haven't done 101 in 1001 either. Looking through your blog reminded me I wanted to do it...too many lists, too little time!

  2. I am excited to follow you on this new blog, and get to follow you from the very start - hooray!

  3. First blog post... WOOHOO!! Howdy from Texas! :)

  4. Welcome to your new blog home! Awhoo hoo! :)

  5. Congrats on your new blog! Sorry to hear you've been struggling conceiving hopefully, you'll be successful soon! :) Loving your first photo, it's such a lovely wedding pic! x

  6. Glad you're back, Jenni, and I can't wait to see where you're going with this blog!


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