Wednesday, 9 April 2014

What To Expect When You're Expecting: A Guest Post By Stephanie

Today, I have the great pleasure of handing over to my amazing blog friend, Stephanie. She is genuinely one of the sweetest people I've had the opportunity to get to know through our blogs. She is a wife, career woman, and mom to two beautiful girls - and has another baby on the way! Make sure to visit her at Life, Unexpectedly and tell her I sent you!


Hi everyone!  While Jenni is resting and relaxing to prepare for one of the most important steps in her life, I wonder if she really, truly knows what she's getting herself into  :-)

Here are a few things Jenni will (hopefully!) be facing soon:

Sleep:  Don't expect to be sleeping again. Ever. Starting in the first trimester, you'll probably be getting up four to six times a night to visit the bathroom. Once that's done, weird sleep patterns, dreams, and insomnia are following, just to be replaced by discomfort and difficulties finding a good sleep position during your third trimesters. Believe me, I felt seriously cheated for the last restful nights before B-day. Once baby gets there, you'll probably adjust your sleep pattern more to the little one's, and with a little luck, once they actually sleep through the night, you'll be blessed with a little one who's cheerfully waking you come 5:30 every day.  
BUT: Is there anything better than being woken up - even at 5:30 in the morning - by having your eye-lids pulled up and see those big eyes appear in your blurry field of vision? I don't think so!

Mental Health: A difficult issue. Once you arrive at an age where you think you know who you are an what you want in life, repeated tidal waves of hormones will wash that away. Starting with hormones that will turn you into a sobbing mess for absolutely no reason (or simply a cry-baby when you don't get exactly the food you want at the very time you want it, see me on New Year Eve 2007). And once baby is there, another wave may threaten you with the likes of baby blues to post-partum depression, or you will simply turn into a sleep-deprived zombie for a while.
BUT: You will experience love you've never imagined before. You will hold a piece of your heart in your arms, and also see you husband with different eyes, fall in love with him as a dad, and these feelings are the best in the world!

Your Style: Forget about it! Yes, there are absolutely stylish and cute maternity clothes out there, but at a certain point in time, you might be very, very tempted to go to work in your hubby's sweat pants and hoodie. And once your baby is there, enjoy hot, sexy nursing bras, and clothes with constant spit-up stains. You'll pack your jewellery away, because babies love dangling necklaces during diaper changes, and those shiny earrings are very interesting, too. And on top of all that, your body may change enough during pregnancy that  you'll need a completely new wardrobe afterward, so bye, bye old me!
BUT: You'll get the best necklace ever: Your child's arms wrapped around your neck. You will meet a new you that is a lot of time ruled by practicality, and enjoy the few occasions of dressing up even more. Whenever I buy a piece of clothing nowadays, the first question I ask myself: Can I chase down a kid in that and still not expose myself / break an ankle / look absolutely ridiculous. This may not sound much "fun", but your priorities will be different anyways.

Sending tons of baby dust to Jenni and her hubby!  Cheers!

Life, Unexpectedly


  1. Haha Aww, what a cute post! It's a great reminder that even though there will be changes, they will ultimately be good ones!! :)

  2. Thank you so much for letting me take over, Jenni! Keeping all my fingers and toes crossed for you in the next weeks!!

  3. I got so lucky because I didn't really experience any problems sleeping until the first trimester. Now I get up about six times a night to pee and it's just horrible!


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