Tuesday, 29 April 2014

I did it! - #100HappyDays Recap 51-100

I can't tell you how thrilled I am to be able to say I completed this challenge! At the beginning, 100 days seemed like a lot - but it has honestly flown by, and it was fun trying to capture one moment of happiness every single day. Here are days 51-100.
Day 51: this face. Because who wouldn't love this face? Day 52: shit is about to get real. Picked up my sharps today ready for starting tomorrow! Next step: human pincushion! Day 53: would ya look at that?! Who is the best at Soccer 6? Oh, that would be me! Day 54: roast duck for dinner. Even better, a whole duck was only £3.99! Day 55: It's not every city you can walk down the high street with an amazing castle view. You can in my city! Day 56: beautiful bright sunshine always makes me smile. Day 57: a bit of fizz (non-alcoholic) in the double jacuzzi. Don't mind if I do! Day 58: a day out watching some of my favourite animals. Always happy doing that! Day 59: Ending our anniversary celebrations with a big ol' Eton mess. Yum! Day 60: I've spent the day basically binge watching this. Day 61: how I wish Instagram had scratch & sniff! Home cooked basque chicken, lovingly prepared by Boy and me as a team effort - and I can't tell you how divine the aromas are! Day 62: reading on the train home is one of my favourite parts of any day Day 63: sometimes there's only one solution: crawl into bed. Day 64: discovering I'm divergent on the day I finished reading Divergent Day 65: it was a beautiful sunrise this morning. Shame my phone didn't capture it very well. Day 66: another working week done, these lovelies are great company for the journey home. Day 67: It's SO nice to have the ability to use the washing line! Day 68: new discovery, totally delicious. Day 69: watching Pointless always makes me happy! Day 70: finally got around to painting my nails in my favourite polish colour Day 71: I took this picture last time I was in Paris. I'm happy today, because I've just booked Eurostar tickets to go back this summer! Day 72: ordering flowers for my mum for Mother's Day this weekend makes me happy. Day 73: that moment on a Friday evening where I unlock my front door, let myself in, and know I don't have to leave again until Monday Day 74: struggling a bit to find something to be happy about today - spending the day tucked up in bed ill has that effect. But some Saturday night tv lifts my mood! I love Little Ant & Dec! Day 75: an author of a book I loved commenting on my review of the book I loved. Seriously awesome!

Day 76: love my Harry Potter beakers! Not only are they Harry Potter and therefore cool, they remind me of a great trip. Day 77: finding out that I *don't* have to inject with the pink needles, that I have spent the last 4 weeks absolutely terrified of, definitely made my day! Day 78: my husband left this on the fridge this morning. I am married to real gem, and I am so lucky. Day 79: I adore my Icona coffee machine! Day 80: first and only Costa Coffee of the week, after spending most of the week tucked up in bed ill. Day 81: I have become utterly addicted to Quiz Up, and I'm so pleased to have earned this award for getting a perfect score! Day 82: these "dunk stirrers" are AMAZING!! a fabulous discovery today. Day 83: it feels like the station redevelopment has been in the works for ever such a long time. It's exciting to finally see the new look now the boards have come down! Day 84: being married to a big kid makes me happy Day 85: I can't wait to be maid of honour at this wedding! Day 86: getting a lift into town instead of the bus meant I was on the train super early, and I was at my desk before 8 am! Day 87: great news from my appointment this morning means that my sharps bin is very nearly no longer required! Day 88: last injection done! Day 89: who doesn't love Primark with a dash of H&M thrown in for good measure? I'm getting a bit obsessed with comic hero PJs. Day 90: PJs and feet up while recovering. Thankful for a wonderful husband who takes really good care of me. Day 91: It's such a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky! Day 92: having a husband who is, let's face it, awesome, makes me a very happy girl. Day 93: Couldn't get enough orange juice all day. Fresh and healthy! Day 94: a delicious salad is the perfect lunch on a hot, sunny day Day 95: there's something magical about steam trains, and it was a lovely surprise to see one today Day 96: a long walk in the forest with the husband was the perfect way to spend Sunday afternoon. Day 97: going to the movies this morning means I have completed my task to see 50 movies I'd never seen before. We made a day of it and saw Captain America straight after too. I do enjoy a superhero marathon! Day 98: starting an online World Cup sticker book and getting 3 shiny stickers in my first pack made me happy! Day 99: I love raiding Boy's football shirt collection and borrowing his random ones to wear for bed! Tonight: Olympiakos! Day 100: reaching the end of this challenge makes me so happy, and so grateful for the wonderful people I have in my life and the memories I will cherish making with them. In particular, Boy helps me make incredible memories and keeps me smiling even when things look bleak.

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  1. I tried... I think I got to day 8 and it fell off the wayside. I may try again in a couple months.

  2. Congratulations on finishing 100 Happy Days!! I'm so glad you have so many things in life to make you happy. Honestly though, this was a serious commitment so fantastic job seeing it all the way through!

  3. Oh wow what a fun thing to do!! Huge commitment way to go!!



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