Saturday, 8 March 2014

Appreciating The Good Times - #100HappyDays Recap 1-50

If you're following me on Instagram, you will know I decided to take part in the #100HappyDays challenge. And now I'm already half way through, how crazy is that?! So today, I'm going to recap those 50 days.

Days 1-25:
Day 1: slippers, coffee and TV remote. Is there a more perfect end to a manic day? I didn't think so. Day 2: who doesn't love being invited to a wedding?! Day 3: this is what my watch looked like the moment I arrived home today. That's right, 2.10pm! Day 4: Indian takeaway that we've never tried before. This one is chicken in a pineapple, banana and cream sauce. Sounds a bit weird but is delicious! Day 5: Early to bed and a movie tonight. Day 6: A small act of kindness made my day today. So much so, that I blogged about it. Day 7: this may seem insignificant, but new thermal gloves keeping my hands toasty warm outside today definitely seemed like a positive to me! Day 8: off work sick. But at least I get to spend a couple of hours with Zac Efron, which is no bad thing! Day 9: baked eggs on toast made for me by my wonderful husband. He looks after me well. Day 10: today the husband passed his driving test. First time, and only 3 minors!!!! Proud wife right here. Day 11: had a brief visit from this little princess. Can't get enough of that smile! Day 12: that moment when uncle and niece are having a little play and giggle, and the dog gets jealous and wraps herself around his neck... hilarious! Day 13: Monday mornings are always a little more bearable with a Costa coffee. Day 14: I'm developing a serious addiction to these. The ones with a chocolate mousse centre are even more delicious. And what's that about share??? Hmm, not too sure about that one..! Day 15: making words out of haribo and then eating them. So much fun! Day 16: I may not have a trip planned, but 99p for a guidebook was just too much of a bargain to turn down! Day 17: found half an hour to get some filing done, at last. Day 18: I read this today. Safe to say I'm pretty excited at the idea and will definitely go see it! And as it's 2015 next year, I'll probably take my flying car and hover board to get there! Day 19: brand new, bright white bedding. Can't wait to crawl in later! Day 20: I was so tired yesterday I forgot to post this. Crawling into bed was most definitely the highlight of my day. Even more so than it was on day 19, because my pinched nerve had released itself and I actually got some sleep last night!!! Day 21: to the untrained eye, this looks like a plastic bag and a sheet of paper. However, it is SO much more than that. This bag contains my IVF drugs, and the paper has all my dates on. That right folks, the IVF train is getting ready to leave the station and we're on board!!!! Day 22: making cartoons of me and Boy, because it's funny. Day 23: this morning there was a rainbow as I was walking across the river to work. I do like a rainbow. Day 24: climbing into bed with a hot drink at 7.15pm. It's been that kind of a day. Exhausted!! Day 25: I couldn't decide which of these was better. Finally having s2 of Nashville screened over here is fantastic, and some yummy desserts!

Days 26-50:
Day 26: I got a ton of compliments on my hair today. Always nice! Day 27: not much to be happy about today, the universe has been trying to pee me off all day long. But leftover Sunday roast for lunch certainly helped raise my spirits. Day 28: arriving home to a letter telling me I'm getting an extra 3 grand in my next pay will do me very nicely thank you!! cha-ching!! Day 29: sometimes you just gotta take orders from a mug. Day 30: tickets booked for Wicked on tour this summer makes me very happy! Day 31: we've just been asked to be godparents to this precious little princess! Day 32: relieving feeling bored with a board game. Always a great way to pass a couple of hours! Day 33: delicious dinner lovingly created by my amazing husband. I'm one happy wife. Day 34: because I forgot to post this on Sunday, here it is now. This had me giggling more than is appropriate. Day 35: It's not even 8pm and off I go to bed to watch a movie on the laptop. Sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. Day 36: forgot to post this yesterday. This cartoon made us all laugh at work, it is just like one of our colleagues. Day 37: walking across the bridge, heading home. Day 38: looks a bit like spring doesn't it?! Day 39: very happy day today! Pub lunch, theatre trip and then a bit of shopping. Highlights of the shopping trip were Marvel PJs, Minnie Mouse slippers and (yet another) NYC tshirt. Day 40: getting creative with biscuits, cream, caramel and a grated orange Aero bar. Yummy! Day 41: chicken and chocolate curry. Sounds weird but was really nice! Day 42: digging out some old CDs to put on my phone, classic dance tunes will always make this girl happy! Day 43: all of my annual leave requests signed off! Yay!! Day 44: I love this photo of me and my dad. Happy days indeed. Day 45: that's right, there's a car parked on our drive! And it's ours for the whole weekend!! Day 46: finding an old CD with holiday photos on makes me very very very happy! Day 47: First alcohol drinks of the year, in honour of the occasion. Day 48: I get to travel home every evening and enjoy these beautiful views. This evening is particularly gorgeous. Day 49: We've booked our anniversary break tonight, and I can NOT wait to spend 2 nights relaxing in our own private spa suite!! Day 50: buying spa treats for our spa stay next week.

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  1. How awesome, Jenni! Marvel PJs, or any PJs are awesome, especially with new sheets and an early night. And anotehr godbaby, how wonderful is that! Soon, this little girl will have yet another friend to play with *sending baby dust*.. Hugs, Jenni!

  2. This is awesome! I love it! I may have to do this as well! :)

  3. Fantastic, what a great 50 days!

  4. Wow - well done for sticking with it! I do love your hair in that photograph, by the way!

  5. I've been kinda sorta doing this & I've been enjoying it. :)


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