Wednesday, 11 December 2013

The Blogmopolitan Quiz

So, I saw this post by Erin over at Two Thirds Hazel, and it just looked like so much fun and I wanted to join in! So join in I did!

If you haven't already, and you'd like to join in the fun, head over to Erin's blog and download the quiz - and don't forget to link your post up!

*This post originally appeared on my old blog and has been imported to Living for the Victories*


  1. I don't like tomatoes either!! I have never thought about your blog name before - now I have to know!!

  2. Bungee Jumping?? They can do that with my dead body, I don't care. But never EVER alive :-)

  3. I need to head over and do this! It's too cute! :)

    I wanted to let you know I nominated you for a Liebster award! The post will go live tomorrow at 7am!

  4. Yes! 90/00's boy bands are the BEST!!!!!! :D I have a Pandora channel dedicated to them! :)

  5. Cheesy boy bands for the win. I feel like the ones nowadays just aren't on par with the oldies. I love your quote too, serious words to live by!

  6. Oh yes, absolutely mascara is the one thing I never leave home without!


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