Monday, 18 November 2013

Things I Wish I Was Brave Enough To Do

OK, I admit it: sometimes I'm a bit of a wimp. Would I like to be more of a daredevil? Sure. I can't see it happening though!
Things I Wish I Was Brave Enough To Do::Flying on a Rainbow

Here are 6 things I wish I was brave enough to do:
Sky dive
I'm just not an adrenaline junkie. The thought of throwing myself out of a plane literally terrifies me. I have so much admiration for people who do this kind of thing, especially those who do it to raise money for charity and are anxious about it rather than just doing it for fun. I couldn't.
Bungee jump
Pretty much as above!

Ice skate
I used to enjoy ice skating. I wasn't any good, and never ventured too far from the side, but I liked it. The last time I went was February 2005 - and I left in an ambulance after tripping over a lump of ice and landing with such force on my chest that I tore the muscles in my chest wall, badly bruised myself, had terrible ice burn on my hands and knees, and was told I was lucky not to have broken any ribs - let's just say my natural bodily padding around that area saved me that day! Had I been less endowed in the chest department it would have been worse. I haven't dared pull on a pair of skates since.

Move to another country
I really wish I'd travelled when I was young, like so many others so in their late teens and early 20s. Obviously if I had, I wouldn't be where I am now and I wouldn't have my fantastic husband, so I don't wish it THAT much. I do wish we had the option of emigrating together, but we both feel too responsible for our families which is the big reason we're not grabbing life and making it our own. We have a few friends who've made the leap and now live in Australia, Canada, and the USA and their quality of life seems so much better than ours.

Quit my job
I love the industry I work in, I really believe that it is important - but my current role just isn't one that I have a passion for. I would love to be able to quit and find something that I do love to do. Sadly, the role I felt that way about moved to the other end of the country and it's unlikely I'll ever get that back.

Learn to drive
I grew up in a household where nobody drove, so we didn't have a car. My dad worked for the bus company, so we could travel for free on their buses, and for long journeys we went by train. So, for me, driving wasn't something I felt I absolutely had to do. When I was 21, I decided I would start taking lessons - but quickly found that my instructor was useless, other drivers on the road terrified me, and the final straw was when someone was inches away from killing me because they didn't stop to look when approaching a T-junction. I'm sure I'd be a perfectly competent driver if I did ever take it up again, but the idiots out there on the roads are so unpredictable and being at their mercy scares me witless.

What do you wish you were brave enough to do?

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  1. I'm totally stealing this blog idea from you (don't worry bloggy BFF, I'll link back to you).. anyway, I don't know why anyone would want to throw themselves out of a perfectly good plane! When my BFF did it here, I refused to even go and meet her at the ground or watch the video of her doing it LOL. We have ice skating here. The city of Pensacola has a hockey team called the Ice Pilots and after the games they will let the public ice skate and guess what? It's literally within walking distance from my house. So.. you can come visit me, I will teach you how to drive, and we can ice skate. Awesome, right!?

  2. I didn't get my license until I was 20 and even now, three years later I avoid doing it if possible. I do enjoy driving alone on empty country roads, but I hate busy streets and won't get on a highway if my life depended on it. Other drivers scare the crap out of me!

    Jamie @
    The Growing Up Diaries

  3. I've done the skydive [best thing I've ever done but never again!] and the bungee jump [ditto!]. I'm not sure how I ever got up the courage to do them but I'm ever so glad I did. [Both were booked as a knee jerk reaction to break ups ha.]

    Learning to drive wasn't really a choice either - where I live you have to learn to have something resembling independence. I love my car but I will always let someone else drive if given the option!

    The others all resonate with me though. Sometimes I wish I had the balls to just ignore sensible and go for it.

  4. Skydiving and Bungee Jumping are on my Bucket List! It's the perfect time of year to try ice skating :) I too wish I could just throw it all away and quit my job (especially right now!)

    Stopping by from Sunday Social *erica*

  5. Wow, I cant believe that no-one in your house growing up drove! I don't know that I have ever known anyone that could say that before. I am WAY too scared to jump out of a plane and I don't even want myself to want to, haha! I am going to do this and link up with you also =)

  6. Oh my goodness! I wouldn't be wanting to put on another pair of ice skates either! That's kind of crazy that you haven't learned how to drive though! I got my license ASAP when I turned 16! But hey, if you have other ways of getting around then that makes sense! Where I grew up,we didn't have a public bus system so there was no way for me to get around if I didn't drive!
    Stopping by from the Let's Be Friends linkup!

  7. I always think that I'd love to do some adventure sport, but I know I'm too scared! The most I can do is sit in a rollercoaster. Oh, and you've scared me off ice-skating for life!

  8. Visiting from the blog hop! I wish I was brave enough to sky dive or bungee jump too! It sounds like such an amazing adventure, but there is no way I would ever do it which I hate about myself!


  9. I love this post!!!!!!! I may steal it ;)

    I am terrified to scuba dive. FRIG!

  10. Great question...hmmm...I think I would do some really hard core athletic competition like a triathlon or something. Although my problem isn't fear as much as lack of motivation. Oh well! Maybe someday.

    I like your blog! Found you through Let's Be Friends

  11. Love this post idea and I hope you don't mind if I use you as inspiration! Bungee jumping is still on my list, too, but I did try sky diving and it was absolutely fantastic! You should definitely try it someday. I also LOVE ice skating, especially around the holidays. :-)

    Have a good weekend Jenni

    Sarah @ Life As Always


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