Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Our Kenyan Honeymoon Diary Part 9 - The Final Few Days

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Monday 28th March 2011

Today was another day of relaxing and catching some rays - for me anyway. Boy stayed in the shade. He polished off a 3 course breakfast and several cups of tea at breakfast today too! We booked a table at the Italian A La Carte restaurant for tomorrow night.

The rest of the day passed without incident, I read Little Women on the DS and Ben played on the PSP. Tonight's dinner was a Continental theme, including the flattest Yorkshire puddings ever but they still tasted OK. We went to see Francis in the sports bar but he wasn't there, so we went to the Harbour Bar and watched the entertainment which was tonight performed by the Mombasa Roots Band.

The "one dart challenge" that has occurred every single time we have passed the dart board finally resulted in triumph for me. Not only did I hit the board for the first time (big achievement!), but with a fantastic score of 3 I beat Boy, who scored 2. He is trying to make out that he was being a gentleman and let me win, but that is not true.

Tuesday 29th March 2011

Our penultimate day on honeymoon began, as usual, with breakfast. We then took a taxi to the supermarket in Nyali to buy some essentials (toothpaste, Pringles, tea, coffee and bags of sweets). The driver waited for us and brought us back to the hotel - the round trip cost 660 shillings.

The rest of the day was mainly spent around the pool. Ben joined in a game of water polo, which was about as energetic as it got. Tonight we ate at the Italian A La Carte restaurant, which was nice but for some reason I had no appetite. It's a lovely setting alongside the sports pool though.

Afterwards we went to the sports bar and watched the England vs Ghana game. Sadly we had to say goodbye to Francis, as he isn't working tomorrow.

Wednesday 30th March 2011

It has been unbelievably hot today, too hot even for me! Our air conditioning has had a lot of use today. When we did venture outside the room, we had to be in or next to the pool.

We decided to upgrade to Premium Class for the flight home tomorrow, for US$100 each. The latter part of the afternoon was spent packing, which we finished off after dinner. We ended our honeymoon with a lap of honour round the hotel, stopping off at the Lookout bar and the sports bar.

Our final one dart challenge was 6 darts - and I managed to fluke a treble 15 so won with a total of 67 to Boy's 28. Whoop!

The alarm is set for 5.15am tomorrow, so off to sleep.

Thursday 31st March 2011

We were definitely glad we upgraded for the flight home, it was much more comfortable. On the way home we both watched The King's Speech and Megamind. Boy also watched Red and I watched Yogi Bear and Love & Other Drugs.

At Mombasa airport we saw the couples we were on safari with, so we sat chatting with them for a while. It was nice to catch up with them again.

We landed in Manchester at 18.10, and managed to get through baggage claim really quickly. We were in my friend's car within half an hour!

We have had the most amazing time in Kenya, it has been everything we hoped for and more. Exhausting at times, but the entire experience was absolutely worth it. What a way to start married life!

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  1. Wow I love the food you had on your honeymoon, will have to check out the other posts in this series. x

  2. This is gorgeous! I am also so ready for lunch, so I sit here drooling over those food pics. xoxo

  3. Your photos are incredible! What an amazing honeymoon!


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