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Our Kenyan Honeymoon Diary Part 8 - Mombasa and Haller Park

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Sunday 27th March 2011

Today has definitely been busy! We were met at the hotel gate at 9am, after a good breakfast, by our guide for the day who was called Juma. The first place we went to was a handicraft centre, where the wooden carvings are made. We walked around the shelters, where the men showed us their works in progress. Juma told us that they actually live there.

We saw a huge carved elephant, which weighed 700kg and was for sale for 1.5 million shillings (around £12,000). When we're rich, we'll come back for it!

Afterwards he took us to the shop where the wares are sold at a fixed price - and a very reasonable price at that. We bought a couple of pieces for ourselves, and a number of gifts, all of 6000 shillings. We could easily have bought more if it wasn't for airline weight restrictions.

Next we went to see the elephant tusks in Mombasa town and had our photos taken, and then we were met by Pius who was going to take us through the old town.

We visited a market, the old port, and made our way to Fort Jesus. At one point we visited a fish market, but I couldn't stand the smell so had to wait outside.

At Fort Jesus, Juma met us again and took us back to the hotel for lunch - after a quick stop for Boy to buy a Kenya football shirt.

At 2pm we went to Haller Park. Here we were able to feed giraffes by hand, which was an odd but good experience.

We also got to see hippos and crocodiles being fed.

Haller Park is home to 12 giant tortoises, and Boy's day was made when we heard (and then saw) two of them mating. We also found one wandering around on it's own, and discovered it enjoyed being tickled under the chin!

When we returned to the hotel we just relaxed for a couple of hours before dinner, which we washed down with a drink at the lookout bar.

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  1. That carved elephant is awesome! I cannot believe how large those turtles are... and the sign about not sitting on them is so funny! It sounds like a truly amazing trip <3



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