Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Our Kenyan Honeymoon Diary Part 7 - Glass Bottom Boat Trip

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Friday 25th March 2011

This morning we had a bit of a lie-in and didn't wake up until 9am. We went for breakfast and then came back to the room and chilled in our mozzy tent until it was time to go for our boat trip.

We went on a glass bottom boat to the marine park, first to an area of coral reef that was home to sergeant major fish, among others. Boy was very brave and had a go at snorkelling; I was a complete wuss and chickened out.

The next stop was a rocky reef area, where we all got out and walked along, to see what wildlife we could spot. We were the first to see a spiny starfish, and then we saw a crab and some other fish.

As the tide was coming in quickly, we went back to the boat and headed to our final stop. This was described as a 'starfish garden' - home to hundreds of starfish in amazingly vibrant colours and, in some cases, enormous. Ben snorkelled some more, and then we were bound back to the hotel.

As we crossed the beach, we were caught by the beach sellers. We ended up buying a giraffe carved from wood for 1000 Kenyan shillings and a pair of socks. We also bought a carving with our names on that we should be able to collect tomorrow.

We went to the Kaskazi bar to order something to eat, as we'd missed lunch, and then had a swim in the sports pool. As we dried off, a wedding was taking place so we had a little nosy as we went back to our room. We had briefly spoken to the groom last night in the bar.

We changed into dry clothes, and then went to deliver the socks to the beach seller and had a drink in the lookout bar before heading to the cyber cafe to send a couple of emails. Then we relaxed until it was time for dinner, which was in the garden tonight, and had a couple of drinks in the sports bar where Francis the bartender taught us some Swahili. We're both exhausted so no late night tonight!

Saturday 26th March 2011

Today we vowed would be a day of serious tan time. We delivered. I have some very white bits, and Boy is extremely red! This is why he usually hides from the sun.

The theme for dinner tonight was Chinese, which I was really looking forward to but was ultimately disappointed. Boy enjoyed it though. Afterwards we went to the sports bar and Boy impressed Francis with his Swahili.

Tomorrow we are going on a trip into Mombasa town and then to a wildlife park where we can feed giraffes, which should be good!

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  1. I've never rode a glass bottom boat but it does look interesting! Might try one someday!

  2. Wow, this is awesome! I've never been on a glass bottom boat. I wonder if it would make me sea sick? Ha!

  3. These photos are beautiful! You have made me miss Kenya!!! I lived there for about a month when I was 18, fell in love with Nairobi and the Masai Mara! An amazing country.

  4. Riding a glass bottom boat seems fun! Hopefully gonna try that someday! :)


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