Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Our Kenyan Honeymoon Diary Part 4 - Safari Day 3

It seems to have been such a long time since I posted our honeymoon diaries! In case you missed them, you can read the previous entries here, here and here. Right then, on with part 4!

Monday 21st March

Last night we didn't have a good sleep at all. The lodge was full of creepy crawlies and flying things, and neither of us settled well. Or at all, really. Typically this was the first place we've encountered that didn't have a mosquito net over the bed! I spent the entire night petrified of dozing off in case one of the many gigantic moths in our room decided to come and attack me, or some other bug. This morning we discovered this morning that the others all had the same problem, one of the couples even had a frog in their room!

Things picked up after we checked out. Straight away we saw a giraffe, and the real excitement of the morning was when we saw a cheetah! I'm slightly disappointed to say we didn't get a photo of it - it moved so fast!

We saw plenty of other animals as we drove through Tsavo West National Park, and we stopped for a while at Shetani Lava Flow.

We continued on to Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary, where we had lunch at Sarova Taita Hills Game Lodge. The grounds were beautiful, and we spent some time watching all the lizards scuttling around.

After another couple of hours on a game drive - which included seeing a lioness and two young cubs, and a crocodile in Bura Dam (which was a first even for Titus!) - we checked into Sarova Saltlick Lodge. This is the one we were most looking forward to, and it hasn't disappointed. The huts are on stilts, and we are in a room facing the watering hole which we also immediately saw two herds of elephants and a giraffe come to drink from.

Before dinner we went up to the bar and tried a Bubbly Baboon - a cocktail containing vodka, Baileys, coconut milk and chocolate. The food here is was the most appetising of the lodges, and the least invaded by moths and flies.

Tomorrow is another 5.30am start. We are going on a game drive at 6.30am (before sunrise!) before returning for breakfast, and then we will head back to Mombasa.

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  1. Oh wow, I have never been on a Safari and that looks like quite the adventure. I've seen those animals in zoos, but to see them in their natural habitat would be so amazing I bet! Thank you for linking up for Travel Tuesday, hope to see you next week!

    Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose - an expat lifestyle blog

  2. I love safari trips . Woah for all these animals . I've got a lot of nasty interactions with mosquitoes while travels so hey I can feel the pain!
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  3. I SO want to go on a safari!! I had hoped we might get to go to Kenya next year, but that has fallen through. Hopefully another opportunity will come up in the future cause that just looks like a blast!! Well, except for the bugs!! Ugh! So I hear ya saying, make sure you have a mosquito net!!! Not fun!

  4. This reminded me of my trips to Kenya (my Dad lives there) and how amazing it is. Don't you just feel like the animals are so exposed?!

    Kate - diariesofanessexgirl.com

  5. This looks like an incredible trip! Such pretty pictures.


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